" 'Phantom' stars offer a treat for Sonoma County fans"
The Press Democrat - Santa Rosa, CA

"Pacific Symphony greatly enjoyed our work with the Three Phantoms In Concert. They
were gifted performers, made great use of the orchestra, and provided a wide range of
musical theater selections to satisfy the tastes of our diverse consumers. The Three
Phantoms brand also attracted many fans of Phantom of the Opera, and single ticket sales
were strong."
– John Forsyte, President, Pacific Symphony

"The Three Phantoms In Concert show sold out with no trouble. All three singers were
fabulous, having great experience on Broadway, excellent acting ability and each had a
wonderful sense of humor. This program will certainly be a hit in any market."

– Charles Gottschalk, General Manager, Naples Philharmonic

"The Phantoms were terrific. We were sold out and even raised the single ticket prices
because the momentum was so great. Thanks so much to Monica Robinson and Craig
Schulman, producer, for making it possible! Thanks again for a great weekend."

– Nathan Newbrough, President and CEO, Colorado Springs Philharmonic

"The Three Phantoms In Concert show was a fabulous success. In a year when some of our
concerts fell short of revenue goals, Three Phantoms In Concert delivered a shot in the arm,
surpassing budgeted revenue goals and delivering many
new first-timers to the concert hall."

– Don Reinhold, Executive Director, Fresno Philharmonic

"The Three Phantoms in Concert exceeded our expectations on all counts, both artistically
and in ticket sales. The artists have great voices which blended nicely together for
ensemble pieces, but which individually sparkle. I would recommend this show as part of a
theatre series, music series or cabaret series. It will fit in any of them. Technically it is an
easy production to present, but it can fill an intimate space or a large hall."

-- Charles Miller, Coordinator of Programs and Education, The Community Theatre, Morristown, NJ

"The Phantoms' Leading Ladies were AWESOME and I had a blast working with them -
loved the arrangements!" – Ron Spigelman, Music Director, Springfield Symphony
"The Phantoms' Leading Ladies are an excellent "counter" to your Three Phantoms. The
charts are good, the show is balanced, and they are a delight to work with. I hope to work
them them again."

– Barry Epperley, Artistic Director and Conductor, Signature Symphony

"The Broadway Today show had, without a doubt, three of the most gracious, delightful,
spectacularly talented singers we've had. We are still receiving raves on their
– Lorie Langan, Education and Community Engagement Director, Rockford
Symphony Orchestra

"Heroes, Monsters & Madmen" starring Craig Schulman
"I can't believe it has already been two evenings since the concert! Before more time
passes I wanted to thank you again for providing us with such a wonderful evening of music
and entertainment. The orchestra and I really enjoyed the concert, but the audience was
obviously ecstatic!
– Lauren Green, Music Director, Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra.

Craig Schulman [On Broadway] showed an appreciative sold-out audience why
Broadway musicals are truly magical musical theater. Not only did you hear great
singing, you saw great acting, too. In his hands, the songs came to life. His
countenance, his posture, his gestures, everything about him showed the story as he
sang the words. He mesmerized the sold out audience. He is such a superb actor that
you could figuratively see the barricades as he sang "Bring Him Home" from Les
Miserables. If Schulman's Valjean didn't break your heart, then Schulman pulverized it
with his rendition of "Music of the Night" from The Phantom of the Opera. In Schulman's
hands the Phantom is a man to be pitied, not just reviled. His powerful vocals were
followed by a hush and then a torrent of applause."
– Tim Stevens, Artist Coordinator, Broadway Series, Garner Historic Auditorium, NC.


"What you get with Broadway Nights is glorious singing
from the people who have been there..."

The Times - Shreveport, LA
Review: What you get with Broadway Nights is glorious singing from the people who have been there. 

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